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Watch Clinton, Obama & McCain Fight For Your Vote on Monday Night RAW

On the eve of the Pennsylvania primary, Presidential candidates Sen. Hillary Clinton, Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain each provided taped messages that were aired during Monday Night RAW. Each candidate stated his/her case why they should be elected president. You decide who deserves your vote. Click here to watch the Presidential candidates' messages to WWE fans.


The night before an important Pennsylvania primary, Presidential candidates Sen. Hillary Clinton, Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain will each make a very special appearance on a three-hour edition of WWE®'s "Monday Night RAW" tonight  on the USA Network starting at 8 p.m. ET.  To read the full press release, please click here.

View Clips of Candidates' Messages


Free Internet Game from Cable in the Classroom Offers Users
Chance to Run Their Own Presidential Campaigns; Provides Multimedia Educational Tool for Schools

As more Americans turn their attention to the race for the White House and the Pennsylvania primary next week, an online learning game – new and improved for 2008 – lets players call the political shots in presidential campaigning. The 2008 ELECTIONS: Your Adventure in Politics game was released this week by Cable in the Classroom (CIC).
The 3-D, high-speed broadband adventure uses interactive tools allowing kids and adults to experience a self-directed run for the U.S. Presidency. The game, originally launched by CIC in 2004 and refreshed for 2008, is designed to educate people about the political process and the power of one vote. To read the full press release, please click here.


Mick Foley Panelist at Youth & Government Forum

WWE Superstar Mick Foley participated on behalf of WWE’s Smackdown Your Vote! program in the 7th annual Youth & Government Forum held last Friday at Keystone College in Clarks Summit, Penn.  Mick was invited by Penn. Representative Jim Wansacz who hosted the event. Mick sat on panels that included Congressman Chris Carney, Rep. Wansacz, Carbondale Mayor Justin Carbondale and Lackawanna County Commissioner Corey O’Brien.  The panelists fielded questions from more than 150 local high school students covering a wide range of topics including the presidential election, international funding for Darfur, the economy and the Iraq war. Mick provided personal reflections on his own participation in the political process stating that he became frustrated and then fascinated with politics in 2002.  When speaking about his own interest in funding impoverished areas in the world, Mick stated, “Sometimes I am an optimist.  If we can make people aware, we can make a difference.  If I go out there, people will react in a way that is good.”

WWE Superstars lead Smackdown Your Vote! rally in Phoenix

PHOENIX — As Lilian Garcia walked onto the St. Mary’s Catholic High School Wiegand Auditorium stage, she was greeted with thunderous cheers. That applause is oftentimes reserved for when the multifaceted Diva is welcoming our fans to an edition of Monday Night Raw or performing tunes from her ¡Quiero Vivir! album. St. Mary’s senior class, especially the males, took notice of the sultry ring announcer. But, on this day, the majority of the students were pumped about the prospects of making an impact on the 2008 presidential election. To read the full story, please click here.


Read Rock the Vote's Polling Young Voters

Check out the latest Polling Young Voters from Rock the Vote. Taking the under-30 or under-35 results from respected national polls, Rock the Vote compiles this information on a monthly basis providing what young voters are thinking this election cycle.

Also – keep an eye out for upcoming new young voter research from Rock the Vote! They will be releasing the results of a new Rock the Vote poll of 18-29 year olds’ political attitudes and top issues, the first post-Super Tuesday poll of young adults. Stay tuned!

Young Voters Doubled, Tripled and Quadrupled Turnout Last Night (Feb. 5)

WASHINGTON – February 6, 2008 – Young people flooded the polls yesterday to pick the next President of the United States. In more than 20 states across the nation, young voters turned out in record-breaking numbers at primaries and caucuses on Super Tuesday. Young voters have proven they are the driving force behind the 2008 Presidential election and are setting the stage for November 2008 to be the historic third election in a row with increased young voter turnout. To read the full press release, please click here.

Smackdown Your Vote! on Super Tuesday on Feb. 5

On what is being dubbed "Super Tuesday" voters will take to the polls in 22 states on Tuesday, February 5. To find out if your state is part of the "Super Tuesday" states please click here. Make your voice heard and Smackdown Your Vote!


Florida Youth Voter Turnout Triples; 286,000 Florida Citizens Under the Age of Thirty Participate in Primary

Washington, DC - 13 percent of eligible Florida citizens under the age of 30 participated in last night’s Florida primary, according to preliminary estimates by CIRCLE (The Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning & Engagement). More than 150,000 young people participated in the Florida Democratic primary, despite the fact that the Democratic primary was not fully contested (see Table 2.) To read the full press release, please click here.


Youth Turnout Rises in South Carolina Primary; 118,000 South Carolina Citizens Under the Age of Thirty Participate in Primary

Washington, DC - 19 percent of eligible South Carolina citizens under the age of 30
participated in the South Carolina primaries, according to preliminary analysis by CIRCLE (The Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning & Engagement). The primaries attracted an estimated 120,000 young voters to the polls. To read the full press release, please click here.


New Hampshire Youth Turnout Rises Sharply; 84,000 of New Hampshire Citizens Under the Age of Thirty Participate in Primary

Washington, DC - 43 percent of eligible New Hampshire citizens under the age of 30
participated in last night’s New Hampshire primary, according to preliminary analysis by CIRCLE (The Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning & Engagement). The youth turnout rate rose sharply to 43 percent in 2008 compared to 18 percent in 2004 and 28 percent in 2000. Young people increased their turnout more than the older age group. The youth turnout rate increased by 15 percentage points over 2000 while the turnout rate for those ages 30 and above increased by only six percentage points. To read the full press release, please click here.

Revised Estimates Show Higher Turnout than Expected;Iowa Youth Turnout Rate More than Triples; 65,000 Iowans under the Age of Thirty Participate in the Caucuses

Washington, DC – Thirteen percent of eligible Iowans under the age of 30 participated in Iowa caucuses, according to preliminary analysis by CIRCLE (The Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning & Engagement). The youth turnout rate rose to 13 percent in 2008 from 4 percent in 2004 and 3 percent in 2000. Young voters expanded as a proportion of all caucus-goers, and the total number of Iowans who caucused grew, producing the three-fold increase in youth participation. Youth supported both winners—Senator Barack Obama (D) and Governor Mike Huckabee (R)—by the largest margins of any age group. To read the full release, please click here.

Smackdown Your Vote!® And Rock The Vote Tag Team In ‘Rock The Caucus’ Effort

World Wrestling Entertainment®’s Smackdown Your Vote! is teaming up with Rock the Vote to support its “Rock the Caucus” initiative in Iowa. WWE® is using the star power of its Superstars to urge Iowa high school students of voting age to get active and make their voices heard by attending either the Democratic or Republican Caucus on Thursday, January 3, 2008. To read the full press release, click here.

It's Time to Rock the Iowa Caucus on January 3, 2008!

Attention all Iowa voters or soon to be voters: Attend either the Republican or Democratic Caucus in Iowa on Thursday, January 3, 2008, and Rock the Caucus!
Imagine if more of Iowa’s youngest voters turned out to caucus, if you and all your friends caucused, if all your friends’ friends caucused; young people could take credit for stepping out and really shake things up. You better believe that the issues young people care about would be on the top of the agenda of the new Republican and Democratic nominees if young adults took time to take it to the caucuses; it’s time to Rock the Caucus!

Spread the word...Download Rock the Caucus flyers from WWE Smackdown Your Vote! and Rock the Vote to post at your school.

View the Rock the Caucus PSA featuring Mr. Kennedy.

What to Know Before You Go:
1) If you’re 17 years old you can caucus, so long as you’ll be 18 by or on November 4, 2008.

2) You don’t have to register to vote before hand; you can register at the caucus.

3) Be sure to arrive early to avoid long lines and make sure you’re in before doors close. In order to have your vote count you must be in line by the time the caucus is called to order.

The Democratic Caucus starts at 6:30p.m.
The Republican Caucus starts at 7:00p.m.

Poll by Rock the Vote, Smackdown Your Vote! and Sacred Heart University Garners Media Attention

The recent poll released by Rock the Vote, Smackdown Your Vote! and Sacred Heart University is garnering media attention by such sites as and The Hartford Courant and was noted in a Washington Times article. Check it out!


Rock the Vote Media Briefing Paper Available

Rock the Vote has put out a new media briefing paper, Young Voter Myths and Facts, which contains basic voter turnout statistics for 18-29 year olds, information on some common misconceptions about the youth vote, and the latest young voter polling in early primary and caucus states – Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina – and nationwide. Get the facts by checking out the briefing paper.

New Poll: 18-30-Year-Olds to Play Major Role in 2008 Elections Driven by Concerns Over Iraq and Health Care

Washington, D.C. – Eighteen- to 30-year-old voters turned out in large numbers for elections in 2004 and 2006 – and according to a new nationwide poll from Rock the Vote, WWE®’s Smackdown Your Vote!®, and Sacred Heart University, that trend is likely to continue in 2008 as younger voters go to the polls motivated by concerns over the war in Iraq, health care, the economy, and the cost of education. To read the full press release, please click here.

CIRCLE Issues Voter Registration Among Young People Report

The voter registration rate in presidential elections among young people reached its highest level in thirty years in 2004. Seventy percent of young people, ages 18-29, said they were registered to vote in the 2004 Presidential election, according to analysis of the Current Population Survey, November (Voting) Supplement. This rise in registration rates is promising for the youth vote since registering to vote is sometimes more difficult than the act of voting itself. This fact sheet also contains information on how citizens register to vote and, if they do not register to vote, the reasons why some do not register to vote. Read Voter Registration Among Young People.


CIRCLE Fact Sheets on 2006 Voter Turnout Available

CIRCLE (The Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement) promotes research on the civic and political engagement of Americans between the ages of 15 and 25. Although CIRCLE conducts and funds research, not practice, the projects that they support have practical implications for those who work to increase young people’s engagement in politics and civic life. CIRCLE is also a clearinghouse for relevant information and scholarship. Check out the fact sheets below on voter turnout.

Youth Voter Turnout Increases in 2006:
Quick Facts About Young Voters by State: The Midterm Election Year 2006:
Quick Facts About Young Voters by Metropolitan Area: The Midterm Election Year 2006:
Young Urban Voters in The Midterm Election Year 2006:
The Youth Vote 2004: 


WWE Superstar Val Venis Hosts Own Show Talking Politics

Sean Morely, better known to WWE fans as Raw Superstar Val Venis, is hosting his own call-in show with all talk politics! Click here to see what issues facing this country Sean plans to tackle next on his show! Tune-in and call-in!


Educating Outside the Ropes
The argyle adorned scholar of ECW’s New Breed, Matt Striker, looked to enlist a different type of breed today in Bridgeport, Conn., – that of young (many first-time) voters at Bridgeport Central High School. As part of WWE’s SmackDown Your Vote! program, the former social studies teacher made a return to academia along with Connecticut Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz to recruit more than 170 students who registered to vote. To read the full story, please click here.

Seminole County Supervisor of Elections Teams Up with Matt Striker for Smackdown Your Vote! Rally
The Seminole County Supervisor of Elections office will once again team up with the Smackdown Your Vote! program to conduct a non-partisan voter registration event on Tuesday, June 5, from 10 a.m.-Noon at the campus of Seminole Community College (SCC). WWE Superstar Matt Striker will join Supervisor of Elections Michael Ertel and his staff in addressing a class of SCC students about the importance of registering to vote and taking part of the democratic process.


Voto Latino Wins Promax Gold Award for Voting PSAs
Voto Latino's 2006 Public Service Announcements (PSAs) won the Promax Award's top prize: The GOLD . The PSAs were written by Voto Latino and directed by Mun2's Ricardo de Montreuil. The PSAs and the celebrity talent appeared on Telemundo, MUN2, LATV, MTV and SiTV.

Census Figures Confirm 2006 Jump in Young Voter Turnout
Washington, D.C. - New data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that, for the second major election in a row, young voter turnout rose in 2006. An analysis of the data from the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE) at the University of Maryland confirms early estimates of increased young voter turnout and finds that 10.8 million 18-29 year olds voted in 2006, a nearly two million vote increase from 2002 levels (8.9 million). This is following young voters' large turnout increase in 2004, when 18-29 year olds cast 4.3 million more ballots than in 2000 and increased their turnout by nine percentage points, more than twice the overall electorate's 4-point increase. CIRCLE's analysis also shows that while turnout was up among all ages in 2006 (by 1.7 percentage points), 18-29 year olds yet again increased their turnout by more, jumping by 3 percentage points from 2002 to 2006 - nearly twice the increase of the overall electorate.

Victoria and Arizona Secretary of State put the SmackDown on seniors
Victoria went to Central High School in Phoenix on March 5 to put the SmackDown on the senior class about the importance of voting. The visit was part of WWE's SmackDown Your Vote! campaign to encourage young people to become active participants in their democracy. Arizona Secretary of State Jan Brewer joined Victoria in front of roughly 400 students in the school's auditorium. To read the full story, please click here.

Speaker Pelosi Hosts iChat
Speaker Pelosi recently had the opportunity to talk with youth in Raleigh, NC and in Fergus Falls, MN from her office in the Capitol via iChat. The Speaker opened the conversation saying, “I wanted to take a brief moment to tell you why I believe tonight’s conversation is so important. By participating in tonight’s iChat, you are helping to promote our democracy as a dialogue – one that includes all young people. I am eager to hear from you and to answer your questions, and I commend you for taking an active roll in important conversations about the future that you will inherit.” To watch videos from the iChat click the following links for flash video or visit the Generation Engage website.

Young Voter Turnout Up for the Second Major Election in a Row; Exit Poll Shows Young Voter Turnout Up by more than 2 Million Voters Over 2002

Washington, D.C. –Turnout among 18-29 year old voters increased by more than 2 million voters in the 2006 elections compared to 2002, according to an early exit poll analysis released today as part of the first comprehensive look at the youth vote in the midterm elections, presented by Young Voter Strategies. At least 10 million votes were cast by this age group in 2006 compared to 8 million in 2002, and the vote counts are still coming in. Youth-dense precincts that were targeted by Get-Out-the-Vote campaigns showed even larger increases. Turnout more than doubled in the 36 precincts where groups like the nonpartisan Student PIRG’s New Voters Project actively turned out this age cohort.

To read the full press release, please click here.

Sacred Heart University-WWE Smackdown Your Vote! Poll: Iraq War #1 Issue Facing U.S. in November According to 18-30 Year Olds

In a poll released today, September 20, by Sacred Heart University and WWE's Smackdown Your Vote!, the war in Iraq, national security, the perceived downturn in the economy and the increasingly high cost of education are weighing heavily on the minds of young Americans. And they’re paying attention to whether candidates are addressing issues of importance to them!
To read the press release, please click here.

To view the poll results, please click here.


Young Voter Strategies Releases New Poll: Young Voters’ Top Issues the Economy, Education and Iraq as Election Day 2006 Nears

Washington, D.C. - With the 2006 elections just over six weeks away, young voters are most focused on education and the cost of college, jobs and the economy, and the war in Iraq, but are not hearing enough from either parties’ candidates on
most of these important issues, according to a new poll released today by The George Washington University’s Young Voter Strategies (YVS) in collaboration with GW-Battleground pollsters. The poll, which catalogues young adults’ attitudes in the 2006 election cycle, shows that young voters are engaged—80 percent are registered to vote—and eager to hear more from candidates on issues including college affordability, job creation, energy independence, and health care.

To read the full pres release, click here.

To read the GW Battleground Poll results, please click here.


WWE Superstar Queen Sharmell & Minn. Secretary of State Kiffmeyer Launch Voting PSA
Queen Sharmell and Minn. Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer have formed a tag team to encourage Minnesotans to vote in November. A new Public Service Announcement featuring Queen Sharmell and Secretary Kiffmeyer is airing on radio stations throughout Minnesota encouraging people to register to vote and then go to the polls on Election Day. Listen to the PSA by clicking here.

Text WWE to 75444 to Register to Vote!
John Cena & Matt Striker

Mr. Kennedy
Bobby Lashley
Matt Striker

WWE Superstar Mr. Kennedy Joins Minn. Secretary of State & Minn. State Representative Sertich at Courage Center Rally
WWE SmackDown Superstar Mr. Kennedy joine Minn. Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer and Minn. State Representative Tony Sertich at a Smackdown Your Vote! rally at the Courage Center in Minneapolis, Minn. The rally included voter registration and a demonstration of the disability accessible voting equipment that will be installed in every polling place in Minn. for this year's elections. Smackdown Your Vote! would like to thank Courage Center CEO Jan Malcom, Secretary Kiffmeyer and Rep. Sertich for a great event!

Heather Smith of Young Voter Strategies Named One of Campaigns & Elections Magazine's 2006 Rising Stars
Heather Smith, Director of Young Voter Strategies, has been named one of Campaigns & Elections magazine’s Rising Stars of 2006! Congratulations to Heather, one of Smackdown Your Vote!'s hardest working partners.

According to Campaigns & Elections, “Rising Stars are those under 35 who are beginning to make their mark in political consulting or advocacy…[the magazine] chose ten Democrats, ten Republicans, and four nonpartisan leaders out of a pool of several hundred nominees.”

Rising Stars will be honored at the 23rd annual campaign training seminar “The Art of Political Campaigning,” June 1, 2006 in Washington D.C. For more information, see

Latinos Urged to Head for the Polls
By Teresa Watanabe, Times Staff Writer
LA Times
7:54 PM PDT, May 16, 2006

The largest single pool of potential new Hispanic voters is also regarded as among the most difficult to organize: Native-born young people between the ages of 18 and 29. In addition, voter registration drives can be expensive. Experts say that it could cost at least $5 million to meet the voting campaign's registration goals.

To reach its young audience, Voto Latino has produced public service announcements featuring actress Cameron Diaz and reggaeton artist Tego Calderon. It has organized "street teams" of party promoters and other young Hispanic trendsetters -- called "Kool Kids" -- to create buzz about voting at concerts and other youth venues.

To view the full article, please click here.



New! Circle Fact Sheets on Social-Issues Voters, Effects of Civic Education on Civic Skills and College Attendance and Civic Engagement

CIRCLE (The Center for Information and Reseach on Civic Learning & Engagement) has produced 36 Fact Sheets, which are brief documents with basic information and graphs on various topics. Visit CIRCLE today to view this very useful information!



18to35 joins with other leading organizations to launch Youth Policy Action Center

18to35 has played an important role in launching the new version of the Youth Policy Action Center, a website that engages youth and young adults in our democracy by helping change policies that affect young people's lives. Along with the more than 80 organizations from all ideological perspectives, 18to35 will be posting timely action alerts on the Youth Policy Action Center so our members and partners can contact elected officials to make a difference when key policies are being discussed. We encourage you to visit the site.


Check out Generation Engage's Video Library!

Via iChat technology, political leaders and GenGagers are engaging in genuine discussion about those issues that matter most to you. The Generation Engage Download CHANGE library offers you the ability to search by issue or by politican's names and download the information. Check out what former President Clinton, former Speaker Newt Gingrich and others have to say about the issues!

A New Generation of Political Idealism in Seattle
Young Seattleites are ready to create a better Seattle

In the March 15 edition of the Seattle Times, Paul Andrew, an 18to35 Innovator, and Alison Carl White, Executive Director of Seattle Works, write about the disconnect between young Seattleites and their government - they perceive self-interested politicians who are unresponsive to the issues that matter to them and to their community.

These young adults break the stereotypes of a whiny, disgruntled generation. Instead, we want to be agents of change in our communities and want our elected officials to inspire us by aspiring to a higher set of values such as honesty, integrity, transparency and accountability.

Based on a New Report by 18to35, the first from our New Generation of Political Idealism project, the authors conclude with specific policy actions that leverage the creativity, ambition and determination of Generations X and Y that could lead to a more engaged populace and a much improved Seattle.

To learn more about 18to35's New Generation of Political Idealism Project, including how you and your organizations can collaborate, please contact us at

e-Congress 2006 Now in Session | January 9, 2006

Spring 2006 marks the fifth annual session of e-Congress, YLI's exciting legislative simulation. Each spring for the last five years, middle and high school students around the country have had the opportunity to roll up their collective sleeves and immerse themselves in the intricacies of the policy-making process.

e-Congress provides in-depth coverage of the workings of Congress. Students are challenged to learn about political ideology and the importance of compromise as they research, write, and debate original legislation in classroom-based committees. e-Congress incorporates valuable tools for teachers, including downloadable student handouts and research guides, a complete teacher records section, and detailed calendar and planning guides for assisting in classroom implementation. The e-Congress schedule allows flexibility in dealing with winter and spring breaks, block schedules, and access to technology resources.

Martha McIntosh at Dana Hills High School in California says "e-Congress was a terrific way to engage my students in a hands-on, first-person bill-writing activity." In fact, more than 96% of teachers who participated in the 2005 session of e-Congress rated the simulation as being of high academic quality and 93% felt their students learned a lot about the legislative process. Just as importantly, students completing e-Congress reported a sense of optimism about the law-making process. Many felt as though they could make a difference and were motivated to learn more about their representatives in Congress.

Current YLI teachers log in and follow prompts to register to participate in e-Congress 2006. Want to participate but not signed up? Simply click Sign Up at the top of the page to join the YLI community of teachers. Registration closes on Tuesday, February 7, 2006.

As always, e-Congress and all YLI resources are FREE OF CHARGE to educators! For further information email or call toll-free 866-514-8389.

Voter Facts 2005

  • 46.7 percent of college students participated in an organized demonstration last year, which demonstrates a steady upward climb since the late 1980s.
  • Based on the last election, 67% of young people are more likely to get involved in politics.
  • Thirty-four percent consider keeping up with politics to be “very important” or “essential,” showing an increase from 28 percent in 2000.
  • Generation Y, as projected by the Census Bureau, will be 25% of the population in the next decade.
  • “Middle of the road” is still the most popular response among young people when it comes to party identification.

    Stats provided by